At Canon, we understand the value of pairing hardware and software together to offer our customers complete solutions that help to reduce costs, improve efficiency, and drive return on investment.

As such, we’ve created strategic alliances with a wide variety of innovative software companies, whose applications, when paired with our industry-leading imageFORMULA scanning devices, can result in a compelling and valuable solution.

All of these partners have agreed to work in good faith to resolve technical issues that may arise between their software products and Canon‘s imageFORMULA document scanners.

Since the company’s founding, Canon, never content with the current state of affairs, has relentlessly pursued the development of innovative technologies.

By extending the breadth and depth of our robust technologies, including the optical and precision-control technologies we have developed to date, we are accumulating a technological prowess that will pave the way to the future. 

At Canon, we will continue to pursue technological innovation toward the realization of our goal to create new value.