Multiple Administration Roles

iPrism Delivers Optimal Flexibility in Delegating Admin Tasks

 Main Admin Roles Screen
Main Admin Roles screen

The iPrism Web Filter, with Multiple Administration Roles gives IT professionals incomparable flexibility in managing their resources. Accessed through iPrism’s new browser-based interface, the Admin Roles feature allows IT departments to easily share administrative task by assigning a wide range of roles and privileges to others in their department or the company.

Using this feature is easy. iPrism’s menu of predefined roles and privileges, allow you to quickly assign admin responsibilities, or, you may choose to modify existing roles to better suit your specific requirements. You can even create your own customized roles and privileges in order to achieve the optimal use of your department resources.

 Admin Roles Details Screen
Admin Roles Details Screen

Benefits of iPrism’s Multiple Administration Roles:

  • Allows you to more efficiently manage your IT department and resources by decentralizing administrative authority
  • Enables the distribution of administrative tasks within your IT department so that you can establish a defined set of responsibilities
  • Enhances iPrism’s already low TCO (see iPrism TCO report) by providing superior flexibility in distributing tasks
  • Assures that you maintain the security level of your department by controlling administrative responsibility

This chart outlines the predefined roles and privileges iPrism offers:

Super Admin Access to all iPrism management and maintenance tasks  
Full Access: Manage reports, customer filters, profiles, antivirus and remote filter, systems status and overrides, requests and recent blocks. No access to maintenance or systems settings.  
Global Policy Administrator Manage reports, customer filters, profiles, antivirus and remote filter, overrides, requests and recent blocks. No access to maintenance, systems settings or system status.  
Filter Manager Manage custom filters, overrides, requests and recent blocks  
Reports Manager Creating and running reports from the Report Manager. Note: Anyone can have reports delivered automatically via email/FTP.  
Extended Override Allows a company manager to grant a user/s the ability to make exceptions to blocked pages for some employees  
Single Override Allows user to override a single block for specific purposes  
No Access This is a typical browser user. He/She sees login, block and allowed Web pages.