Introducing the Astaro Security Gateway Essential Firewall Edition – free for business use!

The Essential Firewall edition is a free version of the Astaro Security Gateway and offers fundamental security functions to help protect any business network. Start today and implement a free firewall into your company’s IT environment without charge and no strings attached.

What can the Essential Firewall edition do for my Business?

The Essential Firewall edition of the Astaro Security Gateway will protect unlimited IP addresses and will indefinitely provide you with the following features:

  Networking: Internet Router, Bridging, DNS server & proxy, DynDNS, DHCP server & relay, NTP support, automatic QoS
  Network Security: Stateful Packet Inspection Firewall & Network Address translation (DNAT/SNAT/Masquerading)
  Remote Access: PPTP and L2TP over IPSec support (including iPhone support)
  Logging/Reporting: Full logging on local hard drive, searching, real-time reports for hardware, network usage and network security, daily executive reports
  Management: Web-based GUI in local languages, setup wizard, configuration backup & restore, administrator notifications, SNMP support, centralized management via Astaro Command Center (also free of charge)

How can I adjust the Essential Firewall edition to my growing demands?

In case your businesses needs expand you can easily switch to the professional edition of the Astaro Security Gateway by purchasing a valid license key.