Every layer of your business computing network is protected from the Internet’s most dangerous exploits with Kaspersky Lab’s solutions for business: workstations, file servers, mail servers, and gateways. In addition to traditional anti-malware scanning, Kaspersky’s products include active monitoring of all network traffic as it’s received and transmitted by the protected computers. That includes email and web traffic, the most common malware attack vectors.

Kaspersky offers you:

  • Simple and effective deployment and management
  • First rate protection
  • Security and performance – the best of all worlds


Simple and effective deployment and management

From a single console you can identify unprotected systems on your network, deploy Kaspersky security software, manage your endpoint security infrastructure, implement and enforce security policies for all your computers and servers, and gather customizable reports to keep you fully informed on all aspects of your security posture. Available as the Kaspersky Administration Kit, this console minimizes the resources and time required from your IT team.


First rate protection

You can count on Kaspersky to find and remove all types of dangerous software from your systems, as well as prevent malicious downloads from ever being introduced. Security policies can be set to allow one set of behaviors in the office while invoking more stringent settings for external user access, protecting your productivity and defending your business from threats and other potential liabilities.

Several supporting technologies combine to deliver premium protection. Kaspersky’s heuristics engine monitors the behavior of programs and blocks any malicious activity, protecting you from zero-day exploits on vulnerable applications. Kaspersky’s two-way firewall makes security decisions on your behalf to keep intruders out and sensitive information contained. In fact, Kaspersky’s antivirus engine is embedded inside the products of more than 100 of the world’s most trusted security software and hardware makers.

For systems that have already been compromised by malware, Kaspersky solutions include self-defense features that protect security resources from exploitation or removal. And once malware has been removed, Kaspersky can rollback your system to reverse any changes that may have resulted.


Security and performance – the best of all worlds

Performance is essential. Businesses often experience a decline in productivity when systems receive regular security updates or run scheduled scans. That’s not true with Kaspersky solutions because of our unique product design. Although Kaspersky-protected machines update hourly, the updates are especially small, and usually have no noticeable effect on performance. And by default, the Kaspersky technology automatically throttles down its scanning when the user demands computing resources for any other applications. System administrators who are responsible for policy determination and best practices have full control over all settings that can affect risk or system performance.