Federal and central government

Governments around the world trust Sophos to defend their national security. We protect over two million civil servants and secure many high-profile government departments and agencies.

We are the preferred choice for central government agencies because our solutions address the specific challenges you face.


Manage multiple platforms centrally

Sophos Endpoint Security and Data Protection defends every entry point on more than 25 platforms, including older operating systems such as Open VMS or legacy systems like Windows 95.

Centrally manage all your Windows and Mac servers, desktops and laptops, whether they are on the internal network or connecting remotely. Fully-automated updates are centrally distributed to all your Windows, Mac, Linux/UNIX or NetWare platforms.


Enforce e-policies for maximum security

Our Email Security and Data Protection solutions uniquely integrate anti-virus, anti-spam and policy enforcement capabilities, helping you to protect employees from exposure to offensive content, without restricting freedom of communication.

Rich policy functionality supports security and regulatory compliance requirements and allows you to configure specific policies for groups within your agency.


Enable safe, productive web browsing

Our Web Security and Control applaince delivers maximum protection against web-based threats including spyware, viruses, worms, unwanted applications and undesirable content. Protect your network from dangerous websites and easily enforce acceptable internet use policies.

Integrate with your existing infrastructure

Our solutions integrate into your existing infrastructure to enable complete protection and management across a variety of platforms and operating systems.


Maximize performance: minimize impact on system resources

Sophos’s high performance engine completes virus scanning in only a fraction of the time it takes competitive solutions. We also deliver the smallest updates in the industry (about 5KB), conserving your network bandwidth – allowing your employees to keep working uninterrupted and stay protected against new threats.


Identify zombies on your network

Over 50% of spam now comes from hijacked computers, or zombies, which can reside undetected in your network. Our ZombieAlert Service helps you locate, disinfect, and protect your systems from attacks.


Get expert help whenever you need it

Our industry leading technical support is delivered by local teams, available 24/7 for expert phone assistance, backed up by our global network of SophosLabs™ threat analysis centers located in Boston, Vancouver,  Sydney and Oxford.