Customer Data Protection

The vulnerability of customer data to theft or misuse is an increasing concern for global companies and government agencies alike. The catastrophic effects of lost customer data can be read in the headlines as well as the bottom lines of organizations worldwide. With huge volumes of customer data being stored electronically, the fact that it is exposed to access and distribution via email, whether intentional or accidental, cannot be ignored. This exposure and loss of personal customer data is costing organizations and individuals billions in unrecoverable funds. Adding to the dilemma, the customer data you keep is subject to over 22 state data privacy and notification laws such as Sarbanes Oxley, HIPAA, PIPEDA, The Patriot Act, HSPD-12, and FISMA.

ePrism offers the perimeter protection and advanced content and attachment filtering required to safeguard your valuable customer data and help you comply with stringent state regulatory codes. When you subject customer data to exposure via email, you risk not only your company’s financial assets, but its reputation as well. You need to assure your customers that their valuable data is safe and secure. By deploying ePrism with advanced content and attachment filtering, you ensure the protection of customer data such as:

  • Contact information
  • Social security numbers
  • Account numbers
  • Credit card numbers
  • Medical records

Intellectual Property Protection

In the past proprietary, sensitive intellectual property was kept in written form and corporations were able to lock such documents away safely and even have them guarded. Today’s global communications demand that even the most sensitive information be kept in electronic form. As such, it is accessible to a wide variety of employees and often, dissemination is easily achieved. The threat of losing such critical assets can range from exposure that might hurt an organization’s reputation to losses that could result in losing your competitive advantage. Such events can be malicious in nature or accidental, but the result is the same, serious damage to your organization.

ePrism’s advanced content and attachment scanning, of both inbound and outbound email, can protect you from intellectual property loss whether malicious or negligent. With ePrism’s centralized policy tools you can consistently enforce your organization’s policies with content filters that search message headers, bodies and, attachments based on the configuration that best suits your requirements. Deploying ePrism’s powerful technology can protect you from losses that might include:

  • Trade secrets
  • Source code
  • Design documents
  • Classified information
  • Internal memos
  • Pricing information
  • Executive memos
  • Financial results
  • Merger and acquisition plans
  • Matters of National Security
  • Network topology diagrams
  • Reduction-in-force plans
  • Marketing plans
  • Pipeline reports
  • Product photographs
  • Contracts
  • Legal correspondence