ePrism Email Filter — Email Security is Critical

Reliable email is critically important to all organizations, but the threats inherent in electronic communications can interfere with business. Recent spam statistics indicate that global levels are at 90-95%. This means more time wasted, more damaging malware delivered and more IT resources expended on spam defense. Along with the increase in volume, a troubling trend is the increasing sophistication of spam attacks. You may feel that as soon as one type of spam is defeated, a different strain is developed. New spam tactics such as botnets where zombie computers are capable of spewing spam at the rate of millions of messages per hour, compound the challenge. Such volumes can consume your bandwidth, degrade or interrupt network performance and ultimately erode productivity. You need a solution that can keep up with current and emerging threats. ePrism delivers unrivalled email security with a unique combination of spam protection, anti-virus and advanced content control in a high-performance appliance. Using the award-winning Kaspersky Labs Anti-Virus®, ePrism stops malicious code and viruses at the perimeter before they can reach your internal servers. ePrism email filtering appliances provide a total email perimeter defense against critical threats whether intentional or accidental. ePrism protects corporations and organizations from the dangers inherent in email: Customer Data / Identity Theft – Email is a common way for identity thieves to gain access to your customers’ personal and sensitive data. ePrism stops them with its advanced content and attachment filtering. Loss of Intellectual Property – Loss of corporate intellectual property can have serious financial consequences. ePrism protects your company whether such attempts are intentional or accidental. Network Damage – A majority of malicious code attacks are launched via email. ePrism stops malware and viruses before they can reach your internal networks and systems. Protect Your Organization against Spyware, Malware and Phishing Choose the ePrism enterprise model that is right for your organization and stop the five major threats to email; spam that clogs your mailboxes; malformed messages that can cause denial of service attacks; unauthorized access, which can jeopardize your whole organization and threaten the catastrophic loss of customer data and intellectual property; unauthorized content that can lead to lawsuits when objectionable material is sent; and viruses that may reach your internal services and threaten your networks.

ePrism Email Filter Features

Spam Protection

ePrism uses a variety of techniques to analyze email traffic and separate legitimate email from spam. Using multiple tests, ePrism assures that accurate email disposition assures business continuity and processes rather than jeopardizing them. Test include:

  • Specific Access Patterns
  • Pattern-based Message Filtering
  • Spam Dictionaries
  • IP Reputation
  • DNS Block List
  • Bulk Analysis
  • Token Analysis
  • Sender Policy Framework (SPFTM)
  • DomainKeysTM Authentication.

Once message are tested, you can define the action you want taken including logging, modify subject header, add header, redirection to reject email and BCC.

Content Filtering and Scanning

ePrism employs a number of technologies to scan and filter email content and assure that your acceptable use and security policies are being enforced:

Advanced Content Scanning – ePrism offers deep scanning of email attachments to prevent private and confidential files from leaving your company. This includes scanning attachments such as PDFs, Word documents and hundreds of other file types.

Expanded Filtering Options – Several actions allow you to create filter rules that encrypt, quarantine, BCC, notify, redirect or discard messages.

Dictionaries – ePrism offers custom dictionary support for content filtering allowing you to easily match simple words and phrases against message and attachment content.

Policy Integration – Content filtering is integrated with ePrism’s policy engine allowing you to create different sets of filter rules for different users, groups and domains.

Virus Protection

ePrism includes Kaspersky Labs Antivirus®, winner of the coveted Best Anti Virus Solution award from SC Magazine. Automatic hourly updates to this virus-scanning engine ensure that the latest viruses are being identified and eradicated before they reach your host.

Malformed Message Protection

Malformed messages can allow hackers to avoid detection, crash your systems and lock up your mail servers. ePrism allows only correctly formatted messages to reach their destination.

High Availability Load Optimization (HALO)

ePrism’s fail-safe clustering architecture for high availability (HALO) means your email is never lost due to individual system failure. ePrism’s HALO provides security, cluster management, load balancing and "stateful failover" queue replication capabilities that guarantee consistency during a crisis. See the HALO for ePrism Enterprise datasheet for a more in-depth discussion of these features.