High Availability Load Optimization (HALO)

ePrism provides your organization with a fail-safe clustering architecture for high availability. HALO ensures e-mail is never lost due to individual system failure through its unique security, cluster management, load balancing and optimization, and "stateful failover" queue replication capabilities.

All systems can be clustered together to increase additional capacity, throughput, or provide load balancing and optional high availability.

Cluster Management

This feature allows administrators to manage ePrism clusters and to synchronize configuration settings across all systems in the cluster. Combined reports and e-mail database searches may be derived from clustered systems. Specific features include: Configuration Replication, Cluster Synchronization and Cluster Reporting.

Load Balancing and Optimization

You can have an automated or semi-automated mechanism for switching the mail stream between available systems in the cluster, depending on their individual availability or health. In addition, with DNS round-robin techniques or dedicated load balancing hardware, e-mail can be directed to ePrism systems in a cluster depending on their availability and current load.

Queue Replication

Never lose an e-mail message during a system failure. ePrism has created a unique solution with "stateful failover" queue replication technology that replicates queues and intelligently synchronizes messages to a defined mirror system within a cluster.