Spam Filtering

In 2007, spam accounted for more than 90% of all email. Whatever measures you use to analyze this number, it all adds up to unimaginable volumes of server-clogging, productivity-wasting headaches for your IT personnel, networks and employees.

What may be even worse than the amount of spam being sent across corporate gateways, is the nature of the spam itself. The purveyors of spam are becoming more sophisticated even as businesses deploy more solutions to try and stop them. As older spam attacks are blocked, new threats and annoyances seem to crop up daily:

  • Botnets – This refers to a collection of compromised computers called zombies that are running programs designed by hackers to do damage or to gain financially. The programs, in the form of worms, trojan horses and backdoors are often transmitted via email, and usually send yet more spam. So a botnet, having control over zombie computers can spew millions of spam messages before it is detected and stopped.
  • PDF spam — Often used in "pump-and-dump" stock schemes this form of spam includes its content in a .PDF file rather than an image file. Since many spam blockers solved the image spam problem of 2007, attackers are using PDFs to gain entrance to inboxes.
  • MP3 spam — Also used in many stock schemes, these are audio files that escape traditional spam detection. These files often use a female voice encouraging the recipient to purchase the stock in question.
  • E-card spam – Another insidious trend where bogus electronic greeting cards are sent to unsuspecting recipients. These cards use Internet Explorer to hijack computers and install trojans that can steal sensitive data. In some cases, clicking on links within the card will release viruses that take over computers and use them to launch spam attacks.

ePrism Solves the Spam Crises

ePrism’s powerful spam fighting filters give you total control over how you manage spam and other unwanted email:

A Blended Solution
ePrism employs multiple filtering technologies to deliver a powerful blended solution that catches close to 98% of spam while delivering the lowest false positive rate in the industry. Both objective and subjective techniques are used to ensure maximum anti-spam performance.

Quarantine and Trusted Sender Lists
Your employees will welcome ePrism as they realize that they have the ability to control their email through building trusted sender lists. They can easily add senders to their list or quarantine others so that important email is never missed nor mistaken for spam.

Testing With Cutting-Edge Technologies
ePrism applies multiple tests to email traffic to determine whether or not it is spam. With the lowest false positive rate in the industry, ePrism stops spam while ensuring that legitimate business mail gets delivered.