The threat is not just spam and phony web sites anymore.

Now – according to recent research by WhiteHat Security – more than 60% of web sites may have at least one serious vulnerability issue. Professional and part-time cybercriminals alike know this and are successfully exploiting those vulnerabilities with drive-by downloads, malicious scripts, and trickery (especially on increasingly popular social media sites).

Worse, the cybercriminals’ methods are shifting; their handiwork, changing rapidly. That’s where Kaspersky Lab comes in– with timely threat intelligence. Our rapidly expanding, highly-leveraged Internet infrastructure – “the cloud” – can significantly reduce the vulnerabilities that can affect your business. Our unique approach includes:

  • More Frequent Updates: small hourly updates not only reduce the burden on bandwidth, but also reduce the window of vulnerability.
  • Kaspersky Security Network: an opt-in network of Kaspersky users who allow their systems to share new threat information, in real time, with our anti-malware experts.

As you’ll discover, Kaspersky endpoint protection products are specifically designed to take full advantage of this vast infrastructure to provide you with the best possible protection as a business customer.

For example – for systems inside-the-firewall – centralized downloading, testing, and distribution of updates is the way to go. But what about when laptops are used outside your business environment? Typical perimeter security devices (e.g., firewalls and web filters) can’t be there to protect you on a risky, public-Internet connection. That’s why so many businesses now get timely updates by automatically connecting their remote laptops directly to Kaspersky’s cloud.

You can always trust Kaspersky’s Anti-Virus Lab to provide you with maximum, dynamic, threat-intelligence protection. Wherever you do business; however you connect to the Internet.