M86 Secure Web Gateway 8100

The M86 Secure Web Gateway 8100 appliance, running on an IBM blade center platform, is recommended for large and complex deployments requiring high performance, and maximum availability and reliability. Interoperability with existing network components and monitoring systems is maintained through the support of Cisco WCCPv2, ICAP, Syslog and SNMP v3.

The 8100 series utilizes patented, active real-time content inspection technology that proactively prevents malicious content and data leakage over HTTP/HTTPS/FTP. Central management and customizable dashboards simplify the administration, control and monitoring of one or more appliances operating in production. Powerful management capabilities include master policy setting for easier administration. It runs on a single chassis that is easy to deploy and smoothly integrates into various network topologies and monitoring systems.

The M86 Secure Web Gateway 8100 is a cost-effective appliance with low total cost of ownership (TCO). The unified web security solution, reduced administration requirements, lower maintenance costs, improved power consumption and floor space savings all contribute to all contribute to short and long term savings.


  • Unified Web security solution on a single chassis
  • Web security (anti-crimeware/anti-malware; protection against Web 2.0 attacks) in real time
  • Patented active real-time content inspection of all HTTP/SSL content
  • HTTPS/SSL inspection prevents crimeware hiding in SSL traffic; unencrypted traffic does not leave the appliance, therefore reducing eavesdropping risks
  • Intentional and unintentional Data Leakage Prevention (DLP)
  • Protection of valuable business information and company reputation
  • Increased employees’ productivity and Web 2.0 control
  • Reduction of administration overhead and single point of provisioning via centralized management
  • Ensured high availability based on redundant, hot-swappable hardware components
  • Maximized performance and scalability using a single blade server appliance
  • Power consumption savings of up to 35% compared to comparable rack servers
  • Floor space savings of up to 50% compared to comparable rack servers
  • Low total cost of ownership (TCO) is achieved by utilizing a single chassis that centrally manages all security features, by floor space savings of up to 50%, by lower power consumption and by hardware-related costs
  • Supports compliance with regulatory initiatives such as SOX (COBIT) DS5, PCI DSS 1.1, GLB Act, HIPAA, and FISMA


  • Centralized management and customized dashboards for simple administration, control and monitoring of Finjan Secure Web Gateway appliances
  • Policy settings wizard to easily setup and manage security policies with single-click rules refinement
  • Powerful logging and reporting of user transactions as required for regulatory compliance
  • Secure content caching for accelerated content delivery
  • X-Ray Mode for testing new policy rules on live traffic without disrupting ongoing business operations
  • Intelligent update mechanism – automatic and controlled (per scanner) product and OS upgrades, security updates and 3rd party engine updates
  • SNMP support provides "just-in-time" alerts of relevant operational events using SNMP traps, as well as email alerts
  • Transparency supports transparent and non-transparent proxy mode
  • User authentication/identification based on Microsoft Active Directory® or other LDAP servers, without the need for installation of any additional software
  • Secure LDAP ensures that authentication credentials are transferred securely from the directory server to the appliance
  • Supports RADIUS authentication for administrators
  • Robust quad-core blade server platform for enterprise-grade throughput performance
  • Full hardware redundancy based on hot-swappable power supplies and cooling systems
  • Active/Stand-by Policy Server option
  • Easy, cost-effective scale-up by adding scanner blades

8100 Series Performance Specifications

  Scanners (8100) Policy Server (8080)
CPU 2 x Xeon 2.5GHz Quad Core 2 x Xeon 2.5GHz Quad Core
Memory 2GB 2GB
Hard Disk 73GB SAS 2 x 146GB SAS (RAID 1)
Gigabit Ethernet NIC 2 4
Caching kit (optional extension to 8100 Series)
Hard disk 73GB SAS
Memory 2GB RAM
IBM eServer® BladeCenter™ Chassis
Max. number of blades 14 hot-swappable HS21 blade servers
Rack space (7U) 44.3 x 71.1 x 30.5 cm (WxDxH)
17.5 x 28 x 12 inches (WxDxH)
Media 1.44 MB Floppy Disk Drive
Power Supply 4 x 2000W power supplies with load balancing and failover
Management Front and rear LEDs, Gigabit Ethernet switch module, Advanced Management Module
Redundancy Hot swappable power supplies and cooling systems
Number of users per deployment Up to 60,000 per chassis (depending on configuration)