M86 Secure Web Service Hybrid

Organizations of all sizes need to secure Web access for "in-house" and remote users. The rise in mobile computing has increased the risk for remote users and, consequently, complicated efforts to secure them. In particular, mobile laptop users reconnecting to networks and the internet/web create an immediate vulnerability. Situations like this create demand for a single, cost effective Web security solution to protect all users — at headquarters, in branch offices and working remotely. M86 Secure Web Service Mobile meets this need. It is a hybrid solution that combines on-premise Policy Servers/blades and Cloud-based scanners to deliver mobile web security integrated with on premise web security.

M86 Secure Web Service Mobile provides organizations with a smooth transition from on-premise Web security to cloud-based. This enables medium-sized and large enterprises to enjoy the best of both worlds. Central management policies for on-premise appliances and for cloud-based scanners are always in sync, managed via a central console. This ensures consistent policy, regardless of location, and comprehensive aggregated reporting.

Unified Web Security Diagram

M86 Secure Web Service Mobile, like all of M86′s Secure Web Gateway solutions, utilizes patented, real-time content inspection and zero-day threat detection. Crimeware, Web 2.0 attacks, Spyware, Trojans and blended threats are blocked in real time, before they have a chance to infect laptops and branch office desktops.

M86 Secure Web Service Mobile provides organizations with the most effective balance of on-premise appliances and cloud-based scanners, tailored to individual topologies and requirements.


Features and Benefits:

  • Central management, global reach: Adaptable to all users, regardless of location. Policies for on-premise appliances and cloud-based scanners are managed centrally via a single console.
  • Flexible deployment options: Highly effective balance of on-premise appliances and cloud-based scanners.
  • Instant scaling: Provides maximum flexibility for changing business needs.
  • Data privacy and regulatory compliance: Ensures confidential data remains within the corporate boundaries.
  • Unified reporting: All locations, all users.
  • Seamless authentication: Whether connected to on-premise scanners, to cloud-based scanners or when roaming.
  • Robust Amazon Web Services Infrastructure: Ensures availability and seamless user experience, and connects to the closest data-center for maximum performance.
  • Best Performance and Cost Optimization: Combines high performance on-premise unified Secure Web Gateway with low cost cloud-based scanning methodology.