M86 Vital Security Reporter

M86 Vital Security Reporter (VSR) is a powerful reporting tool that delivers a comprehensive view of content scanned by the M86 Vital Security appliances. VSR provides drill-down reports and dashboards that enable organizations to evaluate productivity and security. It simplifies the process of analyzing log files from M86 devices over any given period of time.

The VSR provides centralized and scheduled reporting of current and long-term historical activities, providing true visibility into security and productivity issues and trends. It also allows administrators to effectively monitor corporate security policies. Reports are flexible and can be customized, offering unlimited options to present relevant data.

Based on SAP BusinessObjects™ Crystal Reports, the VSR facilitates easy report generation. The user-friendly dashboard displays a collection of drill-down reports that can pinpoint an activity trail all the way to the original URL. Additionally, the VSR presents an overview of security status and trends, allowing individual administrators to define custom dashboard views for specific needs. The same dashboard can also run multiple scheduled tasks.

Vital Security Reporter Diagram

The user-friendly report administration interface provides a constant view of the custom report creation process and the expected outcome. Creating and generating custom reports is easy and quick and the layout, color scheme and branding elements (e.g., company logo) can be customized.

The VSR is available as an appliance (NG-5000 series) or as a blade server (NG-8000 series), with the option of an internal or external database. It smoothly integrates with all M86 Secure Web Gateway appliances and the M86 Secure Web Service Mobile in various network configurations.


Features and Benefits

  • Intelligent reporting: Extensive graphs, customizable dashboards and drill-down capabilities provide clear visibility into the entire organization’s Web traffic
  • Group reports: Address the needs of different groups in the organization
  • Various export options: Multiple formats such as Word, Excel, PDF, Crystal Reports, and others
  • Scheduled reports: Run at a specific times and emailed directly
  • Pre-defined reports: Divided into categories; provides a wide range of reporting criteria
  • Drill-down capabilities: Pinpoints issues down to the level of the original URL
  • Customization: Easily create reports, graphs and views; look and feel can be altered with VSR designer tool
  • Long term storage: report data can be stored for long periods of time, using an external database server (MS SQL Server® 2005 Enterprise Edition)

See What It’s Like to Have a TRUE Secure Web Gateway

Are you an organization with more than 500 users, looking for Web security? Would you like to "test drive" an M86 Web Security Solution Web for free? Apply now for our no-obligation malware detection trial, using the M86 RUSafe appliance*. Utilizing active real-time content inspection technology, RUSafe analyzes Web traffic in the network. The analysis is transparent and doesn’t disrupt live network traffic.


The M86 Web security trial reports provide you an overview of:

  • Malware missed by current security solutions
  • Exploited vulnerabilities that could lead to theft of data
  • "Trojan phone home" and other sources of potential data leakage
  • Details about user’s Web activity in violation of the AUP
  • User activity, exposing the use of unwanted programs and productivity loss

* Please note: participation is limited to organizations deemed eligible by M86 Security, Inc.