Higher education

No other security vendor has a focus on higher education quite like ours. We protect six million administrators, teachers, and students around the world.

The repercussions of a college or university becoming infected by viruses and spyware can spread far beyond the campus, causing complex issues for administrators. Our Sophos Security and Data Protection solutions have been proven to safeguard open education environments with complete endpoint, messaging and web security, and network access control.

We are the preferred choice for higher education establishments because our solutions address the specific challenges you face.


Reliable multi-tier threat protection from a single vendor

We protect at the desktop and server levels, and at the gateway. Sophos Genotype™ virus and spam detection proactively identifies and stops new threats, and rich policy enforcement provides flexible messaging security and content filtering.


Endpoint/server security with cross-platform management

Sophos Endpoint Security and Data Protection defends every entry point on over 25 platforms including Windows, Macintosh, Linux, NetWare and UNIX. Anti-virus and client firewall are automatically updated and centrally managed.


Protects against spam, viruses and offensive content

Our Sophos Email Security and Data Protection uniquely integrate anti-virus, anti-spam and policy enforcement capabilities, helping you to protect students from exposure to offensive content, without restricting freedom of communication.


Enable safe, productive web browsing

Sophos Web Appliances deliver maximum protection against web-based threats including spyware, viruses, worms, unwanted applications and undesirable content. Protect your network from dangerous websites and easily enforce acceptable internet use policies.


Enforce web controls

Our web protection contains patent pending anonymizing proxy detection technology that can stop students bypassing your web filters to access blocked content. It can also control HTTPS-encrypted channels like Gmail, ensuring networks are not infected via personal email accounts.


Identify zombies on your network

Over 50% of spam now comes from hijacked computers, or zombies, which can reside undetected in your network. Our ZombieAlert Service helps you locate, disinfect, and protect your systems from attacks.


Easy to integrate and use

Our solutions integrate into your existing infrastructure to enable complete protection and management across a variety of platforms and operating systems.


Get expert help when you need it

Extra help is on hand via our global network of threat analysis centres, SophosLabs™, and our industry-leading technical support is delivered by local teams who are available 24/7.


Keep costs under control

Our simple, cost-effective licensing structure and centralized management makes the most of your security budget. Furthermore, 24/7 technical support is on hand to help you at no extra charge.