Kernel Level URL Filtering Technology

The iPrism Web Filter uses proprietary kernel-level technology to deliver zero-latency URL filtering that’s the most accurate in the industry. When combined with the speed of the h-Series appliances, iPrism’s performance is unsurpassable.

Here’s how kernel-level URL filtering works:

Unlike many other URL filtering solutions that process requests from the application layer, the iPrism Web Filter handles requests from the kernel layer, resulting in zero latency filtering. This means that iPrism content filtering gives you the speed of pass by with the accuracy of pass-through technologies.

In transparent bridge mode, the standard iPrism deployment, requests for the Internet pass through the iPrism and go to the Internet. While this is taking place, iPrism is making a decision on whether or not to block the requested URL. As the URL request returns from the Internet, if the iPrism Web Filter is configured to block the web site, the user is redirected to an announcement that iPrism has blocked the page and the request itself is discarded. If the site is allowed, then the URL filter allows the site to be passed back to the user.

Since the URL filtering decision is being made while the remote site is working on the URL request, the iPrism is able to process URL requests with no apparent network slowdown. For users, this means less frustration, fewer help desk calls and

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