M86 MailMarshal Service Provider Edition


The Formula for Revenue: Secure, Feature-Rich Email Services.

MailMarshal Service Provider Edition (SPE) is a business enablement solution for Managed Service Providers and Internet Service Providers, enabling complete end-to-end, hosted email security services. MailMarshal SPE includes email filtering, anti-spam, anti-virus, encryption, pornographic image detection, policy compliance, email archiving and reporting services delivered in a centrally managed, highly scalable architecture—complete with a customizable user interface and tiered service levels.


Why MailMarshal SPE?

What does MailMarshal SPE give Service Providers?

  • Complete hosted email security platform
  • Industry-leading anti-spam (99.5% detection rate), anti-virus and email content security
  • Significant recurring revenue opportunity through subscription business model
  • Flexible pricing plans and opportunity to contract customers with multi-year service deals
  • Modular service options and licensing
  • Application Programming Interface (API) for backend system integration
  • Highly scalable and easy to manage
  • Developed in consultation with leading service providers

MailMarshal SPE is the culmination of years of industry experience, customer feedback and close consultation with Service Providers, resulting in a solution that delivers added value for business customers and added revenue for the Service Providers.




1. Unique Service Provider Architecture

MailMarshal is a true email content security solution for deployment in large, multi-server environments. MailMarshal’s unique Array Manager architecture allows centralized administration/policy control and consolidated email handling across multiple email processing nodes.


2. Performance, Scalability and Redundancy

MailMarshal is used in very large user environments supporting over 150,000 users. Its ability to link multiple email servers together into clustered, load-balanced arrays provides service providers with a platform capable of managing hundreds of thousands of email accounts and millions of emails per day. MailMarshal is not only highly scalable it is also redundant by design. Email processing nodes can continue to run for extended periods while disconnected from the Array Manager or SQL logging servers. Nodes can be connected in load-balanced, redundant arrays ensuring "always on" availability while allowing for maintenance and support.


3. Comprehensive Policy Management

MailMarshal SPE is one of the most comprehensive email security solutions available, able to implement the most sophisticated policies. It can identify and strip attachments and analyze the text in the header and body of emails as well as any attachments. It can deal with spam in a multitude of ways and can even allow customers to reject oversized messages or deny delivery of messages addressed to invalid email accounts.


4. Flexible Customer Administration

MailMarshal SPE enables different levels of administration access. This can include the ability to schedule reports or alter rules and release quarantined messages. The MailMarshal LDAP agent allows automated synchronization of user account information from the customer’s site over secure HTTP. This lowers administrative overhead for the service provider and enables staff to focus on more productive tasks.


5. Easy Service Provider Administration

Service Provider staff will find it easy to manage multiple customer domains and servers with a centralized management console. The MailMarshal Array Manager makes it easy to manage policies, user accounts and messages spread across multiple servers. Comprehensive logging assists with diagnostics and troubleshooting, while administrative auditing allows you to track who has made changes, when and what was changed. Billing and accounting systems can be integrated through exporting of reporting and logging records. MailMarshal SPE also supports an API for full integration with external applications, such as those for billing and provisioning new customers.


6. Best-in-Class Content Security

MailMarshal’s content filtering engine recursively unpacks archive files, detecting viruses and inappropriate content. It identifies file types by their characteristic signatures rather than using less reliable methods like file extensions. Lexical analysis combines Boolean logic operators, regular expressions, weighted scoring and increasing/decreasing multipliers for absolute flexibility and thorough content analysis. MailMarshal’s content filtering engine is not only one of the most complete, it is also the fastest. Multi-threaded message processing allows MailMarshal to achieve throughput rates that are at least twice as fast as our nearest competitors on equivalent hardware.


7. Leading Anti-Spam Engine

MailMarshal uses a layered, multi-faceted approach to spam detection that we call "Defense-in-Depth". It is not reliant on any one technology but instead combines multiple anti-spam methods together into a heuristic solution, ensuring MailMarshal’s ability to detect the full spectrum of spam, including new spamming techniques. MailMarshal routinely achieves spam detection rates of 99.5% or better with extremely low false positives in the range of 1 in 100,000 messages. Completely customizable, MailMarshal can not only handle spam differently for different customers depending on their requirements. It can also be tuned with whitelists by customer domain and individual user account. MailMarshal SPE provides a comprehensive end-user spam management system called Spam Quarantine Manager (SQM). SQM enables users to see personalized reports of blocked spam messages and release messages from quarantine on their own authority. This eliminates instances of false positives being ‘lost’ and alleviates the need for administrators to release messages.


8. Flexible and Comprehensive Reporting

MailMarshal SPE provides extensive reporting capabilities for both customers and service administrators. Schedule automatic generation of reports or run reports on demand. Customers can have reports automatically emailed to defined email addresses. Reports can cover a range of criteria including bandwidth, cost apportioning, rules triggered, reports by domain, user, customer, and customer group or department.


9. Chosen by Enterprises and Service Providers the World Over

MailMarshal is used by more than 18,000 companies around the world; protecting over 7 million users. Our customers include 40% of the Global Fortune 500 companies. MailMarshal has been in use with many service providers for years. Service Provider Edition has been developed with close input and feedback from service providers and is regularly updated with new features advocated by customers.


10. Backing from a World Leader in Email Security

Marshal is a proven global technology leader in the email and Internet content security market. With 11 years of industry operation, over 18,000 customers, consistent growth and profitability, a track record of product excellence and quality customer service, Marshal is a strong technology partner for any Service Provider. In a recent survey of Marshal customers, more than 96% said that they would recommend Marshal solutions to others. Respected research firm Frost & Sullivan highlights our history in developing "state-of-the-art technologies".*

* Frost & Sullivan World Content Filtering Report, 5 Sep 2006