Premium protection wherever your people go. When employees venture outside the perimeter, the security posture needs to change to address the increased threat. Kaspersky offers fully manageable security solutions for laptops and smartphones that include:

  • Protection based on location
  • Personal firewall
  • Protection from web attacks
  • Mobile device protection
  • A powerful counterbalance for mobile device proliferation


Protection based on location

Employees often use the same laptop in the office as they use on the road. Kaspersky’s personal firewall and policy enforcement settings can be configured to operate differently based on where the device is located. For instance, you can specify increased firewall security when the computer is outside the corporate network, connecting directly to the Internet. You can also define separate protocols for security and policy updates when computers re-connect to the corporate network. Policies can be based on user roles and centrally administered by a security specialist – transforming the security policies found in the employee handbook into reality without having to rely on voluntary employee compliance.


Personal firewall

When portable devices connect directly to the Internet, they lose the protection of the corporate firewall. A personal firewall becomes a necessity. Even if employees aren’t connecting to the Internet, they remain exposed to local network exploits that may exist at hotspots and on wireless networks. Data transfers from USB storage drives represent another significant threat. Kaspersky’s policy enforcement and personal firewall offer top-notch defense for portable devices.


Protection from web attacks

A particular area of concern is protecting business data from web-borne attacks. Often, these exploits occur without the knowledge of the user – they are silently downloaded in the background from seemingly trustworthy sites. Kaspersky offers several technologies to scrutinize web traffic including real-time anti-malware scanning, blacklisting of dangerous domains, anti-phishing, and adware and pop-up blockers. Additionally, email is scrutinized and spam is blocked.


Mobile device protection

Today most mobile workers carry both laptop computers and smartphones. And businesses realize that the value of the data stored on these devices vastly exceeds the value of the device itself. Kaspersky is there to minimize any potential loss of equipment or data with fully integrated protection for smartphones, protecting users from malicious downloads and other malicious software. Anti-theft features such as SMS-Wipe and SIM-Watch protect data found on smartphones and may even help to recover lost devices. And, Kaspersky Administration Kit empowers you to manage security for mobile devices from the same platform as you would for servers and workstations.


A powerful counterbalance for mobile device proliferation

Kaspersky’s hosted solutions can be used to sanitize the data stream between mobile devices and the corporate network, as well as between mobile devices and the public Internet. Read more about our “in the cloud” solutions.