At Work

Premium protection at every layer – workstations, file servers, gateways and the cloud. Easy to deploy and manage. Outstanding protection and performance.

On the Road

Your business data is valuable, no matter where it goes. Kaspersky protects mobile laptops and smart phones when they are out of the office and even more vulnerable to increasingly common web exploits. Get data and theft prevention features for smartphones.

At Home

Kaspersky’s security solutions for home ensure that your business data is protected when your employees take work home. You can rest assured that their computers are protected from exploits, so your business data remains safe.

From the Cloud

The threat is not just spam and phony web sites anymore. Now – according to recent research by WhiteHat Security – more than 60% of web sites may have at least one serious vulnerability issue. That’s where Kaspersky Lab comes in– with timely threat intelligence.