Easy hard disk encryption for Notebooks and PCs

Key features

SafeGuard Easy full disk encryption software encrypts your entire hard drive, rendering data completely undecipherable to unauthorized users. Users work uninterrupted as SafeGuard® Easy encrypts and decrypts your hard drive’s data seamlessly, providing true data at rest security for your laptop,desktop PC, or server. 

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Disk encryption plus pre-boot authentication

SafeGuard Easy combines the security of full disk encryption with pre-boot authentication. Pre-boot user authentication forces the laptop owner to provide credentials before the operating system is loaded, guaranteeing a secure environment before Windows starts. SafeGuard Easy’s pre-boot authentication (PBA) supports passwords, biometric fingerprint readers, and tokens.

SafeGuard Easy incorporates independently approved standards-based algorithms and ciphers such as 128-bit and 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) and 128-bit IDEA, thus blocking unauthorized access to your laptop or desktop PC’s disk while in use or at rest.


Secure, feature robust and user-friendly

SafeGuard Easy is the most robust security tool in the industry, yet is virtually invisible to the end user. Because SafeGuard Easy encrypts and decrypts on demand, users will never be interrupted. SafeGuard Easy offers the largest feature set in the industry, including secure hibernation, a secure Wake-On-LAN mode and TPM integration—making it the most successful and widely used full disk encryption software on the market today.


Why encrypt with SafeGuard Easy?

Data is one of the most valuable assets that companies and organizations own today. These assets are increasingly vulnerable as mobile computing becomes ever more widespread: Sensitive information is often stored on notebooks and removable media without any firewall protection.

Mobile devices and media—along with the sensitive and valuable information that is stored on them—are especially at risk of loss or theft. A company’s management team is responsible for taking all the appropriate steps to protect the organization’s data.

SafeGuard Easy provides this protection: No unauthorized user may access the device and read data, or use the device as a tool to enter the company network. If a device gets into unauthorized hands, the data is securely protected even if the hard disk is removed. The entire hard disk is completely encrypted and a user authentication procedure runs before the operating system boots, providing secure protection.

SafeGuard Easy is truly user-proof. It operates transparently in the background, so end users don’t have to undergo training or alter their work behaviors. For security officers, IT managers and system administrators, SafeGuard Easy offers transparent security, easy security policy implementation and simple deployment.

Whether a single laptop or 10,000 PCs need protection, SafeGuard Easy allows easy implementation and enforcement of the IT security policy. With more than 3 million licenses sold and certified according Common Criteria EAL 3, SafeGuard Easy is the market leader for hard disk encryption worldwide.