Key features

Sophos Client Firewall – part of Sophos Endpoint Security and Data Protection – protects your entire enterprise environment, blocking worms, stopping hackers and preventing intrusion. Centrally managed and integrated into the single endpoint agent, it makes securing your Windows network and protecting your data simple and straightforward.  

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Robust location-aware protection

  • Proactively stop internet worms exploiting operating system vulnerabilities, allowing only authorized applications to communicate on open ports
  • Prevent application hijacking and impersonation attacks through checksum technology
  • Ensure mobile computers are protected, whether in or out of the office, with location aware security policies

Easy to deploy and manage

  • Manage and update Sophos Client Firewall and keep track of critical events centrally through Enterprise Console
  • Create firewall policies quickly and easily using the configuration wizard with customizable settings
  • Run in monitor mode to collect information about unknown traffic and then refine policies fast without impacting user productivity