Solutions for service providers

With growing public concern over security on the internet, consumers are looking to service providers to keep them safe.

We offer a range of products and technologies for service providers, allowing them to minimize threats to their business and provide reassurance to their customers. Our leadership in the integrated management of known and unknown threats has made Sophos the choice of service providers around the world.


Protect your customers

Customers want a clean internet service with security built in. We provide flexible products and tools to build reliable protection against known and unknown viruses, spyware, Trojans, spam, and phishing attacks into your services.


Remove unwanted traffic

Infrastructure is one of the largest costs in providing high quality services, and can be overloaded with unwanted and malicious traffic. SophosLabs™ research shows that over 60% of email traffic is unwanted spam and viruses. Our blocklist-based spam protection can reduce mail traffic, freeing up your infrastructure and allowing your business to grow.


Protect reputations

The secret hjiacking of computers to send spam or launch Denial-of-Service attacks is a serious threat to the reputation of service providers and organizations they support. Sophos ZombieAlert Service™ immediately warns you as soon as a zombie threat is identified.


Utilize versatile integration

Where substantial investment has been made in custom systems, our proven APIs allow core anti-virus and anti-spam technologies to be rapidly integrated into your existing infrastucture.


Build a revenue stream

Our technologies allow you to deliver differentiated services. Scanning for known and unknown threats and spam blocking provides baseline security, while extended policy control and end-user interface capabilities provide a platform for you to build premium services to meet the needs of more sophisticated customers.


Take advantage of flexible licensing

We offer a range of licensing and payment options that are geared to suit the requirements of your business. From quick-start licenses with simple terms, to high-volume contracts built to suit your needs, our service provider specialists are focused on making licensing work for you.