Secure access deployed by the user on any operating system.

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Remote Access is a virtual private network which usually operates over the HTTPS port of 443 and allows the user to connect to the Astaro device from anywhere in the world. This application is ideal for users who travel or frequently find themselves outside of work or their home offices and need a stable, secure connection.


Descriptions & Screenshots SSL Remote Access

SSL Remote Access offers the same encryption strength and security of other remote access types and is activated with a simple click or automatically each time the user’s machine starts up. Administrators benefit from having a self-deploying distribution method, so they do not have to physically install and deploy the SSL Remote Access on each machine. After being allowed to use the service by the administrator, employees navigate to the Astaro UserPortal, download and install their personal client and simply connect.

Automatic split tunneling can segment only traffic destined for the central office network down the VPN tunnel, while other traffic uses the normal Internet connection of the user.

No technical information or experience is needed to install and connect with Astaro’s SSL Remote Access. The Astaro SSL VPN client is available free of charge and allows unlimited users to make use of this access type.


Available Platforms

Astaro Security Gateway Hardware Appliances

Astaro Security Gateway Hardware Appliances

Our hardware appliances are purpose built, high-performance security devices. They integrate Astaro’s security applications with a hardened Operating System on optimized Intel-compatible server systems that cater to every business size. This section details the series of Astaro Security Gateway hardware models available.

Astaro Security Gateway Software Appliance

Astaro Security Gateway Software Appliance

Our software appliances include the operating system and all security applications bundled within a single software image. While offering the same capabilities as the hardware platform, they can be easily installed on your hardware of choice – maximizing deployment flexibility. The Astaro Security Gateway software appliances are much easier and faster to set-up than software applications that require the installation of an operating system in advance.This section details the security applications available, technical information and deployment scenarios.p

Astaro Security Gateway Virtual Appliance for VMware

Astaro Security Gateway Virtual Appliance for VMware

Our virtual appliances include a software appliance which has already been pre-installed and pre-configured for VMware environments. Being the first unified threat management product that has been certified as “VMware Ready”, it allows for the secure and easy deployment of an "all-in-one" security solution within a virtual environment. This section details the security applications available, technical information and deployment scenarios.



Technical Information

Astaro’s SSL Remote Access technology offers a broad range of standardized tunneling methods with one-click-configuration options for easily connecting mobile workers to their corporate network:

  • Fully Transparent Access to Network Resources without Requiring any "Webifier" for Each Application
  • SSL encryption and Authentication Methods:
    • DES, AES (up to 256 bts)
    • MD5, SHA-1
  • Supports Feature Rich SSL VPN Clients:
    • Free Astaro SSL VPN Client (based on OpenVPN Client that runs on Windows, Linux, MacOSX,and many UNIX operating systems)
  • One-Click-Configuration via Astaro’s UserPortal:
    • Download of SSL client software, configuration files, keys and certificates with a single mouse click
    • Automated installation and configuration of SSL client software within minutes
  • Automatic Split Tunneling
  • Automatic Network Configuration Update
  • IP Address Assignment via Virtual IP Pool
  • VPN Traffic Compression

This feature is included within the optional Network Security subscription.