A central place for users to manage mail and remote access.

The Astaro UserPortal is a self-management hub where employees can work with their email messages and previously configured remote access technologies without the help of an administrator. Companies can save time, and empower users to manage their own spam quarantine and message activity without and IT administrators interventions.


Descriptions & Screenshots UserPortal

The UserPortal is perfect for allowing employees to manage some tasks themselves. It is available in over 15 languages and can be customized. Users can make own personal spam whitelist or sort through their spam quarantine in moments to find a message they are searching for.

Upon login users can download their SSL VPN client to permit secure access to resources behind the Astaro installation. They can review, release and delete messages in their mail quarantine directly, without waiting for the daily report or an administrator to respond to a release request. This allows them to work more effectively and frees up administrators to do other tasks.

Astaro UserPortal boasts the industries only personalized mail log, so if a message has been received but was deleted due to a virus or bounced due to a blacklist entry, the user can still find out what exactly happened to that message, even though they haven’t received it and it isn’t in their quarantine.


Available Platforms

Astaro Security Gateway Hardware Appliances

Astaro Security Gateway Hardware Appliances

Our hardware appliances are purpose built, high-performance security devices. They integrate Astaro’s security applications with a hardened Operating System on optimized Intel-compatible server systems that cater to every business size. This section details the series of Astaro Security Gateway hardware models available.

Astaro Security Gateway Software Appliance

Astaro Security Gateway Software Appliance

Our software appliances include the operating system and all security applications bundled within a single software image. While offering the same capabilities as the hardware platform, they can be easily installed on your hardware of choice – maximizing deployment flexibility. The Astaro Security Gateway software appliances are much easier and faster to set-up than software applications that require the installation of an operating system in advance.This section details the security applications available, technical information and deployment scenarios.p

Astaro Security Gateway Virtual Appliance for VMware

Astaro Security Gateway Virtual Appliance for VMware

Our virtual appliances include a software appliance which has already been pre-installed and pre-configured for VMware environments. Being the first unified threat management product that has been certified as “VMware Ready”, it allows for the secure and easy deployment of an "all-in-one" security solution within a virtual environment. This section details the security applications available, technical information and deployment scenarios.



Technical Information

Astaro’s web-based UserPortal presents many options to the end-user to track and monitor quarantined messages or manage VPN client packages, hence greatly reducing the administrator’s workload in dealing with user queries.

  • SMTP / POP3 Mail Quarantine
    • Search, view, release, download, delete and whitelist spam mails in your personalized quarantine
  • Individual Mail Log
    • Gain a quick overview over your complete email traffic
  • Personal Whitelist
    • Manage your personal email whitelist of sender addresses which should not be subject to spam scans
  • POP3 Account Management
    • Redirect POP3 email accounts through the Astaro Security Gateway to take advantage of spam and virus scanning
  • Remote Access Package Download including VPN Client Software, Config Files and Certificates for:
    • L2TP, PPTP, SSL, IPSec
  • Comprehensive Language Support
    • Available in 15 local languages
    • Customizable HTML welcome page

This feature is included within the optional Network Security subscription.