Stay ahead with new System x & BladeCenter servers

As the planet becomes smarter, your IT requirements grow to meet the new challenges and opportunities. Your business needs to improve the service you deliver to clients while managing your risks and reducing your costs. IBM servers from System x and BladeCenter are designed to help you to do just that.

With a new portfolio of Intel® Xeon® processor-based rack, blade and iDataPlex servers from System x and BladeCenter, your business has access to:

Our newest System x, BladeCenter, and iDataPlex servers add extended functionality on top of processor improvements to our leadership line of servers from just one year ago. You get an unbeatable combination of performance and value designed to give your business the IT performance you need.

Equipped with the next generation of intelligent server processors, the Intel® Xeon® processor 5600 series, you can put more brainpower in your data center to not only increase performance, but also performance per watt for greater energy efficiency. Combined with new IBM System x, BladeCenter and iDataPlex servers, you get an unbeatable combination of performance and value designed to give your business the IT performance you need while significantly lowering total cost of ownership.

Watching Video

Bob Galush, VP IBM System x High Volume Servers and Options discusses the refresh of IBM 1- and 2-socket rack and tower servers

The new systems include:

New System x rack and tower servers
Choose servers that are designed to address the needs of your business now – and into the future. You need the most value and the highest quality from your IT while still increasing performance and reducing complexity in your datacenter. These dual-socket, six-core rack and tower servers have been enhanced to support more high performance memory, extraordinary storage and network flexibility and leading virtualization capabilities.

New BladeCenter blade servers
Your business needs outstanding performance and simple management in an efficient system. IBM BladeCenter introduces two new products, a new and improved BladeCenter HS22 designed for a broad range of workloads and the HS22V optimized for virtualization. Discover greater performance efficiency with the new blade servers and the industry’s most energy-efficient chassis.

New iDataPlex server
The most demanding applications require extreme computing performance, but your business demands extreme space, power and cooling efficiency. The new iDataPlex dx360 M3 extends the iDataPlex efficiency benefits to more workloads with increased storage and reliability.

IBM System Cluster 1350
Our enhanced integrated cluster solutions portfolio includes the latest releases of System x servers and industry leading OEM interconnects, with improved energy and space efficiencies to meet the demands that are challenging businesses today.

Systems management enhancements
With new systems management enhancements, you can easily manage all of the powerful features of the new System x and BladeCenter servers – so you can get the most out of your IT investment.