Blade servers designed to meet today’s


demands on your business

BladeCenter HS22 and HS22V
Unleash your potential with the new BladeCenter® HS22 and virtualization-optimized HS22V blade servers designed to help you reduce your costs and improve your service. Equipped with the latest Intel® Xeon® processor 5600 series, these new blade servers offer increased performance and extraordinary energy efficiency, so that you can consolidate workloads, improve resource utilization and reduce energy usage.

In addition, unparalleled reliability features and innovative management tools allow your critical applications – your business – to stay up and running longer. And with a broad portfolio of chassis, blades, I/O, storage and management components, BladeCenter is a platform designed to grow with you – and help you manage risk.

The BladeCenter HS22 offers great performance balanced with flexible configuration options and simple management in an efficient server designed to run a broad range of workloads exceptionally well.

The BladeCenter HS22V offers a high density, high performance 2-socket blade server that’s optimized for virtualization and memory intensive applications.

You can also mix and match the HS22 and HS22V with other blades in existing BladeCenter S, E, H, or HT chassis for unmatched investment protection, incredible flexibility and deployment choice. And with new innovations and IBM Systems Director 6.1, you can further simplify systems management and future-proof your infrastructure.

The HS22 and HS22V blade servers are designed to help you:

BladeCenter E Chassis
With data centers growing and becoming more complex, you need to combine physical density with energy efficiency to support productive, reliable, low-cost IT solutions.

The IBM BladeCenter E chassis delivers a powerful platform to meet these requirements, supporting reduced power consumption without compromising performance. The system is up to 11% or more efficient in power and cooling compared to competitive solutions.

With these power savings, your data center can operate at full potential with lower energy costs. And BladeCenter E can grow with your business, supporting up to 168 processors (containing up to 1008 cores) in a standard 42U rack – up to 31% more than blade competitors. This extraordinary density is designed to get the most out of your power and space-constrained datacenter.

Networking solutions for BladeCenter
IBM offers broad, fast and reliable networking and storage options that are both open and innovative, allowing you to lower costs and improve service while achieving the performance and efficiency your business demands.