Optimize and streamline your workloads


with IBM System Cluster 1350 integrated solutions

To drive High Performance Computing (HPC) applications you need high processing performance along with improved energy and space efficiencies. Using IBM integrated solutions to run your HPC workloads can optimize performance while reducing energy and space requirements for your datacenter.

Recent server, networking and storage additions to the IBM System Cluster 1350 portfolio are designed to allow you to streamline your business. Your HPC systems from IBM can be data center ready – with fully tested, integrated solutions that are easily deployed, operated and maintained, with single point of contact for support.

Components include:

Energy efficient multi-core servers, featuring the latest  Intel® Xeon® processor, offer improved performance, lower power consumption during periods of low utilization and additional processing boosts during peak demand periods.

These new components are designed to make the IBM System Cluster 1350 an even better choice for any organization that needs integrated solutions to improve performance and energy efficiency, while reducing the cost of the overall solution.

Why Choose IBM Clusters?
IBM System Cluster 1350 incorporates the broad portfolio of IBM systems with industry-leading OEM interconnects to deliver HPC solutions that increase the value of your IT investment with reduced costs, improved service and managed risk.

IBM HPC cluster solutions deliver high performance to handle demanding HPC applications, with significant energy and space efficiencies, while keeping costs low. Cluster 1350 solutions are designed to improve performance for applications supporting chemical and petroleum, manufacturing, life sciences and other industries.

Our comprehensive cluster solutions are designed to simplify and expedite deployment of a cluster. By combining all hardware, software, services and support into a single integrated product offering, customers gain the benefit of a single point-of-contact for the entire cluster solution.