Maximize performance and optimize


energy and space efficiencies with iDataPlex

IBM iDataPlex dx360 M3
The iDataPlex dx360 M3 is designed for data centers that require high performance, yet are constrained on floor space, power and cooling infrastructure. Our innovative, half-depth design continues to improve by optimizing for maximum density and airflow efficiencies.

New features combine to deliver outstanding performance in a flexible platform that can be tailored to your data center’s processing, storage or I/O needs.

The new dx360 M3 features include:

The new features are designed to help you:

IBM System x iDataPlex – an integrated x86 solution for data centers
IBM System x iDataPlex is a new category of server developed for large-scale computing to reduce power consumption, improve cooling efficiency, and achieve greater density in the scale out datacenter environment.

The iDataPlex design allows you to pack more processors into the same power and cooling envelope as traditional servers, better utilizing floor space and optimizing your data center. Furthermore, with iDataPlex’s scale out capabilities, you can easily grow your datacenter to meet your IT needs.

High Performance Computing or Web workloads will benefit from the ability to scale out to higher density resource pools of compute nodes. And non-grid workloads can now take advantage of iDataPlex’s efficiencies with optional redundant power.

Shared power and cooling and a high-efficiency power supply provide cost-effective computing, and the optional iDataPlex Rear Door Heat eXchanger reduces heat discharged into the datacenter by up to 100% and in some configurations can actually supplement room air conditioning.

iDataPlex is designed to be a key element in a dynamic infrastructure datacenter. An iDataPlex solution can offer reduced costs and improved and supports rapid deployment of new IT services to support future business growth.