Reduce your costs and simplify IT deployment and


management with new rack and tower servers

Your business faces a range of IT challenges. Energy costs are rising so you need to manage energy used for power and cooling. You need your IT to be reliable and flexible – to support your business through changing times. You need to simplify management of your datacenter to reduce administration costs.

You need servers to help you meet all of these challenges. You need:

IBM System x servers are designed to help you meet these demands, offering extraordinary value. IBM servers are known for offering best in class reliability and flexibility, and with the latest Intel® Xeon® processor, these new one- and two-socket servers are designed to offer the performance your business needs. At the same time IBM offers tools designed to simplify management of these servers to help increase efficiency and reduce total cost of ownership.


Maximize your productivity

Designed to provide leading virtualization capabilities, System x servers support solutions from VMware and other industry leaders. Through virtualization and consolidation, your server environment can handle intense processing demands without adding data center resources or space. In addition, these servers offer exceptional memory capacity per core, enabling you to implement a virtualized environment efficiently and cost-effectively.


Unleash value and quality

The System x3650 M3 and System x3550 M3 rack servers offer increased performance, memory and storage. With these servers, you get new energy-smart design features to help you reduce total cost of ownership, including:


Unleash growth

Designed to be growth engines for expanding businesses, the IBM System x3500 M3 and x3400 M3 offer proven reliability, availability and security. These systems also give you the flexibility you need with innovative features such as hot-swap power supplies, fans and storage modules. Because downtime is not an option, they also offer robust security features including front and back chassis locks, proven Trusted Platform Module technology for hardware security, and an option for full hardware-based data encryption.


Expect high performance from our newest one-socket servers

The new System x3200 M3 and System x3250 M3 servers give you as much computing power as previous generation multi-socket servers but are priced to buy now. And, when business demands change, so can your servers. You can customize System x servers to fit your needs, optimizing for computing power or cost, and still get the performance, security, simplicity, efficiency, and reliability you need to run your business.


Significantly reduce administration costs

These new systems support: