Streamline the management of your physical


and virtual systems with Systems Director 6.1

The proliferation of data and devices that access data are putting a strain on IT resources. And customers, partners and employees – consumers of IT services – are expecting more:

Combining extraordinary computing performance with industry leading systems management capabilities, IBM BladeCenter® and System x® servers are designed to help you improve service. Not only ensuring high availability and quality of service, but also meeting growing customer expectations for innovative new services.

System configuration and system health – automated
To get the most out of your IT resources, you need to consolidate applications onto a smaller number of efficient, high performance systems – typically using virtualization. IBM has decades of experience with virtualization, improving application performance, increasing IT resilience and raising resource efficiency for clients around the world. The new high performance System x and BladeCenter systems combined with IBM systems management innovation can help you dramatically improve service for your IT consumers.

IBM Systems Director 6.1 is a platform management solution that streamlines the way physical and virtual systems are managed across a multi-system environment while supporting an easy-to-use, point-and-click interface. Combining automated configuration and event management capabilities with simple health monitoring features, Systems Director offers the foundation you need to keep your systems running and improve your IT service. Systems Director 6.1 integrates management of virtual and physical resources, so you can keep your resources working for your business – whether you’re adding new applications, reallocating resources or adding computing resources.

The new servers introduce additional enhancements in systems management to help reduce operational costs. The new IBM ToolsCenter features a single easy-to-use webpage to access all tools for configuring, updating and maintaining the systems – all with a common look and feel.

The new servers also feature an Integrated Management Module (IMM), bringing new levels of manageability. Not only does the IMM provide the base management controller function for the system, but it can optionally provide remote presence and control features to manage, monitor, troubleshoot and repair remotely. And with support for the next generation of BIOS, called Unified Extensible Firmware Interface or UEFI, the new servers are even simpler to update and maintain compatibility with peripherals and system components.